How to Install A Front Led Light on Bicycle

No matter what type of bicycle you are riding, you should always think about safety when cycling. As mentioned before, you should prepare your riding accessories well, including your helmet, sports thermos, and a repair kit consisting of camera patches and a multi-tool. But, most people ignore an essential accessory to your bike. That is the lighting.

When you are riding at night or in other places with low visibility, you are putting yourself in danger because the car on the roads cannot see you at a long distance. And when they react, you are in front of them, they can not stop their vehicle in time. An accident will happen.

It is essential to place a good pair of lights on your bike front and rear if you want to travel on sidewalks, highways, streets, or roads. If you do mountain biking, that same light will serve to accurately visualize the path you are pedaling. Carrying led lights on your bike is the best decision you can make to stay visible and safer.

In many countries, the law states that cyclists who ride after dark must have white front light and red rear light.

How to Choose Bicycle Light?

– The Light Beam And Color
When it comes to lights for urban use, the lights must have a focus light beam where they are placed. The front lighting should be strong enough to light up your way, while the rear ones need to be the right beam and red color to make you visible to those behind you. And the front lights cannot be too bright. Some people use led car light (car headlight conversion kit) on their bicycle, that is totally wrong. Because the lighting from car headlight will be reflected by headlamp housing. But the bike doesn’t have that kind of big headlamp. You cannot choose the car headlight bulb to use by bike.

– Types of lights
The most common bike light is led light with an internal battery that can be charged by USB. Another choice is dynamo-charged lights, which means you can connect them to your wheels and power them with the same movement you do when pedaling.

How to Install Led Lights on Bicycle

If you plan to ride at night, you must equip your bike with a light. When mounting a light, you need to position it correctly on your bike. The front fork is one of the best places to install a light, as it allows the light to a position closer to the road surface that is going to be illuminating.

1, Get your new bike light and look for the O-ring clamp underneath the light. Loosen the clamp with your fingers, turning counterclockwise. This will open the clamp to prepare the 194 led bulb for mounting.

2, Place the tip of your clamp in the desired position on the fork in front of your bike. Place the clamp on the front fork by placing it around one of your bars.

3, Tighten the clamp halfway back, turning clockwise, so the light stays in place on the front forks.

4, Turn on the light by pressing the corresponding button. Check that the beam is shining at least 10 feet in front of you. Make the necessary adjustments if you don’t get the ideal beam distance.

5, Tighten the O-ring clamp fully to hold the led light in place. To do this, turn the clamp clockwise until it comes to a complete stop.

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