Tips To Change The Front Lights on Your Scooters

Scooter is considered to be the ideal alternative to vehicles in the city. It will help you to move around the city without worrying about the traffic jam. Thanks to its dimensions and the use of smaller wheels, small or medium scooters are around 20-50 kgs, which means you can ride it anywhere. And when you arrive at the destination, you can bring it with you and don’t need to consider where to park it.

If there is any disadvantage of scooter, it is the zero load capacity. Scooters can not carry heavy stuff with you. You may think you won’t take too much stuff when you go outdoor. But, you forget some necessary accessories, including a helmet, and some small objects like an umbrella. Riding a scooter, you can only take these stuff in hand.


Another benefit of scooter is that you will spend less maintenance on it as the scooter has fewer components than a motorcycle, and these components are not expensive. Besides, the engines on scooter are designed to withstand the hard bustle of riding around the city and, and they also offer very acceptable power consumption.


In some countries, It has the law regulating to having front lights in every scooter. The original front lights on the scooter are important to ensure you can have good visibility at night. Learning how to repair the front light on your scooter will help you get back on the road safely. Actually, because scooter has a simple structure, it is not difficult to replace these front light bulbs. You can buy the replacement 1156 led bulb from a quality supplier and just do it by yourself. This procedure should take about half an hour to complete.

The tips for you to repair the front lights on scooter

– Purchase a replacement front led light bulb from a quality led car light supplier. Indicate which model bike you have to get the appropriate light bulb.

– Stand behind your scooter and locate two small instant rivets. There will be one on each side of the frame near the base by the side reflectors.

– Remove the rivets by hand or needle-nose pliers and set them aside. Find the tabs on both sides of the bottom frame. Press down on the tabs with your fingers and pull down firmly until you loosen the sides of the bottom frame.

– Find the main tab in the center of the bottom frame and push that tab down. Wiggle and pull the frame until your grip loosens. It may take a little effort to get it free.

– Use a socket wrench to remove the screws that hold the front light in place. Set the screws aside.

– Wiggle the front light loose until you can access the wiring harness on the back of it. Grasp the wiring where it meets the assembly by hand and pull the wires away from the front light assembly. Set the old mount aside.

– Put a new front led light bulb and mount it in place. If you want to replace the bulb, grab the old bulb, turn counterclockwise to remove it, and squeeze a new bulb in place by turning it clockwise.

– Connect the wiring from the back of the set. Line the bottom frame with the tabs in place, push the frame into the holes on the side tab, and then push the middle tab until the frame snaps back into place. Put the rivets in place.

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