How to Choose Mountain Shoes Cycling Bike

I have been a cyclist for over a decade and at least I have much experience in cycling because I know all the necessary equipments and preparations a cyclist may require. I know exactly which type of gears to be used under different circumstances especially mountain bike shoes. For people who just ride bike for leisure they can use any type of sport shoes but for those who ride regularly, needs to acquire the best type of bike shoe.

Mountain bike shoes

My grandfather used to be a cyclist so I grew up knowing all types of cycling shoe and when to use them. Mostly, my grandfather always used to ride mountain bikes when cycling because we were staying in hilly areas with bad roads. Mountain bikes are always known for their ability to be used in areas with even bad roads and even in areas with harsh weather conditions. The following are some of the ideas that will help you to choose the best mountain bike shoes;


Before acquiring a mountain bike shoe, you are required to know the size of your feet and which brand of the shoes will fit you nicely. Different brands of mountain bike shoes are always manufactured in different sizes. Knowing your size will always help you when choosing this type of shoe since you will avoid many problems such as feeling uncomfortable when wearing those shoes.

Types of pedals

There are different types of pedals used in mountain bikes. These pedals determine which type of shoe you need to acquire. Pedals are of two types that is the flat pedals and the clipless pedal mountain bike shoes.

Clipless Pedals Mountain Bike Shoes

These types of pedals are designed in such a way that it only requires a special cycling shoe that has a recessed so that a cleat can be joined to it. This joining also eases walking. They have been made with lugged and stiff soles than those of flat pedals shoes because they are mostly used in bicycle racing. These stiffer soles provide efficient energy as you pedal thus reducing the energy that you may lose while pedaling. They are light in weight and they offer good ventilation.

Flat Pedals Mountain Bike Shoes

Flat pedals do not require any special type of shoes. They have not been designed with a recessed where a cleat can be attached but it has been designed with a flat sole. Flat sole shoe always maximizes the contact area with the pedal. It is slightly stiffer than the clipless pedal shoes.

The weather condition of the area

Weather conditions will also determine which type of shoes you are required to have. Some cycling shoes will leave your feet too sweaty and others may leave it very cold depending on the weather condition. Before you choose any mountain bike shoes, always ask for advice from the sellers or choose the one which will favor you during the weather condition you are currently experiencing.

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