The 5 Indoor Cycling Shoes in 2020

Indoor Cycling Shoes

Indoor cycling, commonly referred to as spinning, is a great form of cardio exercise. It will help tone most muscles in the body. Whether done at the gym or home, one thing that a cycler must get right is the indoor cycling shoe. To find out more about cycling shoe, read this article –  This is because the shoes cover the foot which is the most used body part when cycling. But what is the best indoor cycling shoe in 2019? Here are our top picks.

1. Five Ten Kestrel

A man who loves to spin will love this shoe. It has a great cleat system that is compatible with almost any bike. Just get a pair of this and you will be able to ride as hard as you can without worry about injuring your feet. This shoe is a low profile and has a BOA closure system. The breathable mesh in the upper part makes it very comfortable and the shank is carbon-infused for quality.

2. Giro ProLight SLX II

This shoe is made using state of the art materials and it incorporates advanced engineering in its design. It has carbon fiber in the outsole making it quite stiff. This stiffness allows the shoe to hold on to any pedal. The SuperNatural footbed has arch support that makes it comfortable wear with excellent power transfer. The top of your foot will be covered by Evofibre which is breathable and has the same texture as the skin. Closures are titanium offset strap D-rings which keep the shoe in place without adding too much bulk.

3. Diadora Pro trail 2

This is a great shoe that is perfect for indoor cycling. It has a carbon sole that is strong and durable. All the parts of the shoe are also highly durable. It even has replaceable components which mean all you have to do is replace them when they wear out and get some more years of using the shoe. The Morpho Cage technology on top of the footholds the foot snuggly allowing you to concentrate only on cycling.

4. Shimano SH-R065

If you ride on bikes that have SPD style pedals then these shoes are a good choice. The sole is made using fiberglass making it strong and hence lasts a long time. The upper part is made using the Shimano Dynalast system which makes it very easy to cycle. The mesh and synthetic leather combined to cover the foot allows the feet to breathe which keeps them healthy and able to keep going no matter how intense a session gets.

5. Sidi Genius 5

The rigid carbon composite sole will allow you to cycle as fast as you want while the two-way Caliper Buckle lockdown will keep the shoes on your feet. To ensure maximum comfort, the shoe is fitted with the Soft Instep Closure System. You will find it very easy to cycle in these shoes even when they are new. What is more? You can make these shoes road-friendly by adding a few attachments.

If you have been looking for indoor cycling shoes, then you will be happy with this guide. Choose any shoe from the above and your feet will be happy.

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