The Advantage of Electric Scooter

You’ve seen them, you’ve tried them, and now you want to have yours. Getting around with your electric scooter is easier than ever with Norauto.

Technology is reinvented and creates new ways to move around the city, betting on sustainable mobility, respectful of the environment, and also very fun!  This result is the case of electric scooters, which have reached the streets of our cities to stay.

To walk, to go to work, many people have joined these alternative methods of transport to travel around the city sustainably. And is that electric scooters have many advantages.

electric scooter


Its electric charging system makes these scooters an eco-friendly, environmentally friendly and sustainable vehicle. Ideal for people with strong environmental awareness.


The speed varies depending on the model, some even reach 50km / h, but most of them have a  speed regulation system, in addition to a complete braking system.


The batteries of the scooters have sufficient autonomy for you to make your movements (not excessively long) without efforts. Depending on the use you give the scooter, you should look at the battery’s autonomy time.

electric scooter

Minimum space

Some models are foldable, a very useful feature to store it or to easily take it with you anywhere.

Goodbye, traffic jams

With your electric scooter, you will move quickly through the city without having to go through the stress of traffic jams or worry about being late. You mark your schedule, and you do n’t have to park the scooter!

electric scooter


Scooters are not only practical, but they are also fun. Your journeys will become an adventure. They are also ideal to have a great time with your friends or family.

Still not sure? Approach your nearest Norauto center and dare to try it,  you won’t want to get off it!

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