What Should I Know About Bike Lighting?

When choosing your bike lighting, whether in a physical store or online, you will come across two technical terms: lumen and battery. These words speak volumes about the quality of the equipment, and you should know what each one indicates.

LED is the type of system that emits light. Well known in residential bulbs, this model is the most economical and efficient. An h11 LED bulb in a bicycle headlight keeps the light intensity constant, high durability, and does not require as much energy. Besides, the light is white, which helps a lot to stand out at night or day on any terrain! Nowadays, most of the bike lights made of LEDs.


Lumens indicate the intensity of light striking an area. In other words, the greater the number of lumens, the brighter the place where the headlight will direct.

The number of lumens does not necessarily represent how far the light reaches or how far the beam of light opens its radius in an area. But bike lighting above 100 lumens is already capable of illuminating a considerable space.

In addition to the type of lighting, you should also know what the energy charging systems for bike lighting are.

Bike Lighting


The most common among the others, battery charging, still exists in simple models and some intermediaries. Just like remote control, insert the batteries and turn on.

The disadvantage of this system is the batteries discharge, depending on the energy that the part demands. Batteries can also leak and contaminate the equipment, making you have to throw it away.

Another weak point is that, when the battery charge starts to drop, the lighting becomes weak in the same proportion. Cycling at night with low batteries is a danger. You can choose to use rechargeable batteries for these lighting.


It is a fact that we are in the digital age, and in many places, you can get a USB charger. Just plug in and wait for charging.

The batteries are sealed and do not come into contact with anything external, that protects the equipment and giving it a longer lifespan. Also, these batteries consist of lithium ions. They are a material that can withstand a long time with the lighting on in various modes.

Bike Lighting


These also have lithium batteries, but they are on the outside of the housing. They have this pattern because their batteries are bigger and heavier to support headlights that exceed 1000 lumens.

Most already come with a bag to put on the bike frame, or your shirt, with the rubberized wire. These systems are great for closed trails and full pitch environments!


The fixation types of any bike lighting vary widely. There are models with the support fixed to the handlebars or the seat post, in which you just fit the part to lock it.

Others, on the other hand, are attached by rubber bands, attached or not to the piece, and which allow you greater freedom of choice as to where you want to install them on the bike. You can put it in the luggage rack, Seatpost, suspension, etc.

The lighting pattern for biking is the same as the cars: white light in the front and red light in the back. So you should always choose at least one pair so that whoever is in front of you or behind you will notice you with ease.

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